Gae'ra is the world upon which the vast majority of the games under Weaver take place.


It all started so long ago that the events leading up to the creation of the World have been almost forgotten. The way the story goes, however, is there existed a planet called Earth that was balanced perfectly between the blistering heat of their sun and the freezing embrace of the darkness between star systems. Many powerful beings called this little world home, and in turn were worshiped by the mortals who lived beside them. Each of these beings controlled at least one aspect of this Earth, and held responsibility for their human followers.

Eventually--and it’s here that things get even more hazy than the existence of Earth—the Gods decided to diversify what races followed them. Unfortunately, Earth would not work for this purpose. Its balance was too delicate to stand the influx of creative magic that the new races would cause. It could barely stand the special magick of the Fey whose plane spilled over in places.

They decided to band together and create a new world around a new star, a new home for the magical races of Earth. The Gods modeled the new world after Earth, covering most of its surface with wild waves and growing four continents so far from each other that their shores could not be easily traveled between by the races that called the place home. Gae’ra is the name they gave this shimmering jewel of a planet. Life thrived upon it. Magic filled each and every nook and cranny.

Gae’ra as a PlanetEdit

Gae'ra is very similar to Earth in terms of axis tilt and rotational speed though it is five times the size in equatorial circumference. However, it is at a distance from its sun (Phoe) that would be the midpoint between Mars and the asteroid belt were it orbiting Sol. Due to Phoe being a few shades lighter than Sol (and the temperature difference that represents), Gae'ra is similar environmentally to Earth.

Gae’ra has four main continents: Austra, Meido, Norwai, and Zerca. The continents are positioned in such a way that when combined with the wild oceans, non-magical travel between them is extremely difficult. In the northern hemisphere is Meido and Norwai, while both Austra and Zerca reside in the southern hemisphere. Zerca is actually positioned to be directly over the southern pole. There are myths of two other continents, Ropu and Fric, but if they exist contact has not been made for several millennia.

Gae'ran oceans tend to be rough and there are frequent weather conditions that increase that description. Tides are controlled by the planet's two moons. The primary one, Anul, is very visible in the night sky and reflects white light. It is Anul that marks the Gae’ran calendar. The other, Henao, only reflects the darkest of violet light and thus is difficult to see without an exceptionally clear sky.

The planet has a great biodiversity among its flora and fauna. This carries over into its sentient life forms. Most of these sentient races have the capability of interbreeding though the offspring is typically dominate in one parental race over the other. Even within specific races there can be great diversity as magic influences individuals or individual genetic trees.

There are three different dimensions with naturally occurring borders with the mortal plane of Gae’ra: the Realm of Light, the Source of Darkness, and the Sidhe. These borders fluctuate both in location and difficulty of breaching.

Time on Gae’raEdit

Time on Gae’ra is slightly different from Earth Standard. Days last a total of twenty-six hours from nooning to nooning. A year is measured by most cultures to be from the full moon after Winter Solstice through the following full moon immediately after the Winter Solstice. This takes sixteen full cycles of Anul. This year is offset by half a year between the northern and southern hemispheres. Seasons are typically four full moons long and are measured from Solstice to Equinox and from Equinox to Solstice.

There are seven days in a standard week which are called the following: Time's Day, Sun's Day, Moon's Day, Sky's Day, Wind's Day, Thunder's Day, and Freedom's Day. Most cultures being the week on Time’s Day and refrain from trade and work on Freedom’s Day.

The current era is considered to have started approximately three millennia ago after a large asteroid crashed into the ocean that Austra, Meido, and Norwai all border. The event caused a great wave that destroyed a lot of civilizations on all three continents.

A Gae’ran year is 448 days long or 11,648 hours. This is the equivalence of one and a third years on Earth.


Much of Gae’ra is the cultural equivalence of the Renaissance era on Earth. The level of standardly available technology matches this time period. Outside of Pathos, all technology is based around either natural resources such as hydroelectricity and pyroelectricity or harvesting the energy of magic.

There is not a centralized government even within individual continents. For the most part, order is maintained in the individual townships. The only race to have a centralized hierarchy on a worldwide scale is the Viroa, though there is a separate High Council for each continent that is for the most part autonomous. The Daojin have strong relationships among all the clans on a continent and there is a Council of Elders for each. They do not maintain relationships with the Council of Elders on other continents, despite similarities in their culture. The Muintir are typically divided by region, but have been known to have strong allegiances with the Muintir in other regions and even other continents.

Surprisingly, wars between the various sentient creatures are uncommon, though they do tend to be devastating when they do occur. Most sources of conflict tend to be either the more primitive races fighting over resources or ideological differences that cannot be resolved through other means.

The Realm of Light and the Source of Darkness have been at war since their creation and occasionally this conflict spills over to Gae’ra. These spills are historically times of great conflicts and great advances. It typically ends up in a great battle where the people of a given continent band together to drive the offenders off the plane.

The denizens of the Sidhe are known for their disregard of the barrier as well, often involving mortals in the politics of their Courts. So far, this involvement has never grown beyond a few chosen individuals at any given time.


Most of the pantheons found on Earth can be found being worshiped on Gae’ra by various races, though some pantheons are more common on certain continents than others. There are very few deities that can be considered original to the planet.

Religion is not a typically driving force in an average person’s life, though true atheism is rare. Religious organizations are not typically in communication with each other, even if they worship the same deity. The exceptions to this rule are the Order of Ozain on Austra, the Church of Helios on Norwai, and the Followers of the Way on Meido. Each of these exceptions has organized themselves and fulfills a similar cultural role on their continent as schools and orphanages. These organizations are also typically the first to respond to generalized threats to the peace of the continent.

Gae’ra and the UniverseEdit

Phoe is placed near the edge of its galaxy, which causes the only inhabitable planet in its system to be ideal for an intergalactic port for those races capable of travel between galaxies. However, due to its different type of technological advancement and lack of centralized government, Gae’ra is considered to be a protected planet, causing technology and social influence from those races to be extremely limited and restricted to the port itself, a metropolis named Pathos.

There is a committee dedicated to maintaining this protected status among the Allied Planets. They are in charge of policing the spread of off-world technology and keeping it in the city. As a by-product, Gae’ran technology is typically not shared with the off-worlders.

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